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Support Services for
Physicians and their Families

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Physician-Specific Resources

Need Help Now?

Alberta Medical Association Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP)

About: Provides 24/7 confidential help and support for physicians, residents, and medical students (or their family members) facing personal and/or professional concerns (e.g., stress, anxiety, and family or relationship issues).
Contact Information: 1-877-SOS-4MDS
Availability: 24/7

University of Alberta

Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing (OAW)

About: The OAW provides support, counselling, and advocacy on academic and personal matters to ensure the health and well-being of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate learners. The office supports faculty wellbeing through advocacy and innovation aimed toward combatting institutional and occupational hazards that erode wellbeing and engagement.
Contact Information: 780-492-3092 or 780-492-3150 |
Availability: By appointment. Book by calling either of the contact numbers listed above.


Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

About: The EFAP provides confidential mental, social, and physical health counselling, support, and advice to people dealing with personal, family, or work-related issues. It is available to all University of Alberta staff, faculty, and their eligible dependents.
Contact Information: 780-428-7587
Availability: By appointment. Call 24/7 to book appointments at the number above.

University of Calgary

TELUS Health Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

About: TELUS Health provides free, confidential support and services to help deal with various life issues, achieve work/life balance, and prevent issues from becoming overwhelming. It is available to University of Calgary employees and their dependents.

Their services include counselling, coaching, financial and legal consultation, life balance solutions, resources, information, and support for all types of issues relating to mental health, health management, and achieving greater personal and workplace wellbeing.
Contact Information: 1-866-424-0699
Availability: 24/7 to book appointments or access immediate help.


Precision Equity and Social Justice Office (PESJO)

About: PESJO works collaboratively and innovatively to create and advance equity, diversity, inclusion, and professionalism of the culture within the Cumming School of Medicine. All concerns and issues brought to the office will be treated with respect and confidentiality.
Contact Information: For concerns relating to equity, diversity, inclusion, professionalism, conflict resolution, or other issues, please contact Dr. Pamela Chu at (confidential email).
Availability: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm MT

Office of Resident Affairs and Physician Wellness
The Office of Resident Affairs and Physician Wellness offers various services to support the health and well-being of the Postgraduate Medical Education trainees within the Cumming School of Medicine.

The office helps address the challenges trainees face and provides confidential consultation and referrals to services related to stress and burnout, time management and personal coaching, relationship problems, substance abuse, mental health concerns, mindfulness sessions, and peer support.

Contact Information: | 403-210-6525

Availability: By appointment. Book by calling the number above.

Postgraduate Medical Education's Safe Learning Environment
About: Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) at the Cumming School of Medicine is committed to provide a positive and productive learning environment and ensure all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.
PGME provides a response process and resources to address any incidents of harassment and bullying. This process is outlined in the PGME’s “Operating Standard on the Safe Learning Environment”.

The Directors of Resident Support are available to provide prompt, confidential support to PGME trainees with any concerns about the safety of their learning environment and any issues with harassment and bullying.
Contact Information:

Availability: By email. All emails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Support Team

About: The Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Support Team offers confidential support and care for all university community members impacted by sexual and gender-based violence. The team can assist with several supports including education on sexual violence and trauma; reporting options on- and off-campus; navigating systems and resources; requesting academic, professional or resident accommodations; referrals to counselling; medical and legal services; and just listening if you want to disclose a situation you have had.

Contact Information:

Availability: By email. Send an email to the email address above.

Undergraduate Medical Education Student Advising and Wellness

About: The Student Advising and Wellness Office offers safe, confidential resources to ensure medical students are supported during their time in medical school.

The office provides counselling and support on a variety of concerns and matters related to academic, career, and personal wellness to assist students in achieving their full potential in school.

Contact Information: | 403-220-3796
Availability: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (MT)

Additional University of Calgary resources offered include:

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

About: Provides immediate and confidential support to physicians, students, interns, and residents who are paid as AHS staff. Services include specialty coaching and expert support, counselling, and online resources for any challenges faced by the individual and/or their families.
Contact Information: 1-877-273-3131
Availability: 24/7

Alberta Health Services Mental Health Help Line

About: Provides confidential, anonymous support and referrals to people experiencing mental health concerns in Alberta. The Mental Help Line is comprised of nurses, psychiatric nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, and psychologists.
Contact Information: 1-877-303-2642
Availability: 24/7


Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Wellness Connection

About: Provides free, weekly group support sessions for medical students, residents, fellows, and practising and/or retired physicians to gather and discuss shared experiences, receive support, and seek advice and help from their peers. All sessions are led by trained facilitators and are offered in various formats and approaches, including formal peer support sessions, group support drop-ins, compassion rounds, and psychological first aid.

The Wellness Connection is available to all physicians and learners through the CMA’s Community Engagement Platform. Participants are required to register for the sessions in advance if they would like to attend.
Contact Information: Registration is completed through the CMA’s website.
Availability: 24/7 to register for sessions. Support sessions are offered every week.

Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

About: Provides support and advice to physician members regarding various stressors and medical-legal issues. No question is too big or small. CMPA’s physician advisors are available to listen and offer meaningful support.
Contact Information: 1-800-267-6522
Availability: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (ET)


Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities (CAPD)

About: Provides networking opportunities and support for physicians with disabilities. CAPD aims to provide a national forum for members to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern to physicians with disabilities, open avenues for exchange of ideas and information, foster common bonds, improve quality of care and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, influence clinical education and research pertaining to both patients and physicians with disabilities, and inform and educate the public regarding the many facets of disabilities.

Contact Information:

Physician Health Inclusion

About: The CAPD and CMA have worked together to develop an active online community for physicians, residents, and medical students with disabilities and chronic conditions looking to find a supportive community of peers and colleagues. This space is intended to give this community of practice a platform to come together and share, support, and accelerate improvements on disability inclusion in the medical workplace.

Contact Information: Log in to CMA Community to join

Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC)

About: Supports learners, residents, and practicing Indigenous physicians in their wellness and many capacities and disciplines. The Association also supports Indigenous health initiatives at community and university levels and wishes to promote health for all Indigenous peoples, mentally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.
Contact Information: 1-604-719-7981 |

Provincial Physician Health Programs

Not from Alberta? A list of contacts for provincial physician health programs is available on the Canadian Medical Association's website.

Community-Based Resources

9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Helpline

About: Provides confidential, bilingual support for individuals who are dealing with thoughts of suicide or are worried about someone else who is struggling. A trained responder will listen without judgement, provide support and understanding, and provide resources to help. 988 is available to provide moments of connection that create hope, support recovery, and save lives.

Contact Information: Text or Call 988 (service available in both English and French)
Availability: 24/7


Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services: Alberta's One-Line

About: Provides specialized support through private, toll-free phone, text, and chat services for individuals who have experienced or been impacted by any form of sexual violence.

Contact Information: 1-866-403-8000
Availability: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (MT), 7 days a week

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) - Calgary Region

About: Provides education and support for individuals and families with mental health, substance use, or loss by suicide concerns. Workshops and classes, drop-in groups, and one-on-one support are provided to help access resources, support, and opportunities to learn skills to aid individuals or families.

Contact Information: 403-297-1700
Availability: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (MT)

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) - Edmonton Region

About: Provides confidential, non-judgemental intervention, and emotional support to people in crisis or distress, as well as their family, friends, and caregivers, by empathetically listening to their situation, exploring options, and connecting them with the proper resources.
Contact Information: 780-482-4357
Availability: 24/7

Distress Centre Calgary

About: Provides confidential crisis counselling and support to people in distress in Calgary and Southern Alberta through their 24-hour phone line, email, and daily chat.

Contact Information: 403-266-HELP or Crisis Chat

Availability: 24/7

Family Violence Info Line

About: Provides 24/7, confidential help for those who are experiencing violence, worried about a loved one, or using abusive behaviours.

Contact Information: Call or Text 310-1818 or Chat Online

Availability: 24/7

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