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The Well Doc Alberta Community Bulletin Board is a place to share information about upcoming physician wellness related events as well as research studies currently open to recruitment.

All postings will be reviewed by Well Doc Alberta Leadership for their relevancy to physician wellness and applicability to Alberta physicians, residents, and medical students. Please submit your posting early and allow at least one week for your submission to be reviewed.

For-profit events will not be posted, nor will research studies without formal Research Ethics Board approval or exemption (in the case of quality improvement work).

Once posted, event listings will remain on the website for up to one week past the event date. Research studies will be posted for a maximum of 6 weeks.


2021 Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership: An Uncharted Future
April 26-29, 2021 | ONLINE

Who is this event for: Physicians, Residents, Medical Students

About: The Canadian Society of Physician Leaders and Joule present a virtual offering of the conference. Keynote speakers, workshops and masterclass topics cover four learning tracks of wellness & medical culture, digital health, leadership, and health futures.
Pre and post-conference courses are also being offered for an additional cost.

Cost: Range from $375 to $875

International Conference on Physician Health: A Vision for Humanity in Medicine
April 26-30, 2021 | ONLINE

Who is this event for: Physicians, Residents, Medical Students

About: Supported by the British, American and Canadian Medical Associations, this conference aims to support doctors and medical trainees to create better working environments for themselves and their colleagues. This online event includes presentations and interactive sessions to enable attendees across the globe to learn, connect and develop strategies and networks to support them. By presenting positive interventions and bringing together a vibrant, international community of professionals, the conference aims to enable attendees to make their career and workplace more conducive to sustaining their health and wellbeing. The conference will provide tools to put ideas into practice.

Cost: Range from £60 to £240

American Conference on Physician Health
October 7-9, 2021 | Scottsdale AZ, USA

Who is this event for: Physicians, Residents, Medical Students

About: The 2021 American Conference on Physician Health (ACPH)
is a scientific conference sponsored jointly by the American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic and Stanford University. The theme of the conference is “Activating health system change to promote physician well-being.” 
The overarching goal of this joint scientific conference is to promote scientific research and discourse on the topic of the health care system infrastructure and what organizations can do to help combat burnout and promote well-being.

Cost: Range from $261 USD to $970 USD


Research Studies/QI Projects

Are you a healthcare provider who works on a team? Would you be willing to share a brief story that illustrates your teamwork experience, and answer some follow-up survey questions?

The University of Calgary research team is hoping to collect data from a diverse group of healthcare providers, representing multiple professions and areas of practice. This voluntary, anonymous survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. 
The collected information may help inform the development of future teamwork training initiatives for healthcare students and providers.

This study has received REB approval from the University of Calgary (REB20-1611).
Questions or comments about this study can be sent to 

Click here to participate

Teamwork in Healthcare

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ian Wishart

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