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The Well Doc Alberta Community Bulletin Board is a place to share information about upcoming physician wellness related events as well as research studies currently open to recruitment.

All postings will be reviewed by Well Doc Alberta Leadership for their relevancy to physician wellness and applicability to Alberta physicians, residents, and medical students. Please submit your posting early and allow at least one week for your submission to be reviewed.

For-profit events will not be posted, nor will research studies without formal Research Ethics Board approval or exemption (in the case of quality improvement work).

Once posted, event listings will remain on the website for up to one week past the event date. Research studies will be posted for a maximum of 6 weeks.


Honoring and Healing our
Burden of Grief and Loss
May 25, 2022 
7:00 - 8:30 pm MST|ONLINE

Who is this event for:
Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students

About: The Alberta Medical Association's Physician and Family Support Program presents this session hosted by Dr. Ieleen Taylor, MD, looking at grief and loss (the relevance, obstacles, sources, and consequences) with discussion and guidance through one way to reduce suffering and enhance well-being. Attendees will participate in mindfulness and self-compassion activities, reflective writing, sharing narratives (voluntarily) and their experiences.

Cost: Free

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Equity in Medicine Conference
June 2, 2022 
9:30 am - 1:15 pm MST|ONLINE

Who is this event for:
Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students

About: Hosted by Equity in Medicine in partnership with the Canadian Women in Medicine Conference. The Equity in Medicine leadership team will present on the multiple actions necessary to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in our health care environments. The following topics will be presented: reducing barriers for equity-deserving medical school applicants; recruiting Indigenous, Black, and Racialized physicians for leadership roles; advocacy, allyship, and activism; the academic perspective and lessons learned; addressing harassment and discrimination through dispute resolution; and the experiences of an international medical graduate.

Cost: $50 -$100

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Hope and Healing After Trauma - Reflections for Physicians by General Roméo Dallaire 
June 7, 2022 
6:00 - 7:30 pm MST|ONLINE

Who is this event for:
Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students

About: Alberta’s physicians at every career stage are suffering with occupational stress injury that has physical, ethical and moral dimensions, in an environment of extenuating and difficult circumstances. The Alberta Medical Association's Physician and Family Support Program presents this session with General Roméo Dallaire who will offer physicians in any career stage, hope, connection, and a path for healing.

Cost: Free

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WELLMED 4: Rebuilding Well Being and Resilence in a Post-Covid Era 
Aug 31 - Sept 3, 2022 | Aridaia, Greece

Who is this event for: Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students

About: The Fourth International Meeting on Well-Being and Performance in Clinical Practice. This meeting will bring together experts from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to present and discuss innovative ways of linking physician well-being to patient safety and quality of care. This confernce will focus on issues related to health professional well-being, during and after the pandemic. Abstracts concerning the impact of the pandemic on psychosomatic health, quality of life, work life balance, work relations, as well as abstracts concerning attempts to address this impact will be presented. Abstract submission deadline is May 30. Please send abstracts directly to

Cost: 600 - 800 Euros 


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Research Studies/QI Projects

If you have a physician wellness research study or Quality Improvement project, submit it here.

Physician motivation towards tele-healthcare: A cross-sectional look at the workplace needs and well-being of family doctors in Alberta 

Investigators: Dr. Adam Neufeld, MD MSc, Dr. Vishal Bhella, MD, CCFP, Dr. Oksana Babenko, PhD.


Who can participate: Participants must be practicing family doctors practicing in Alberta (excluding residents)

About the study: Family physicians (FPs) have rapidly had to shift to using virtual care during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the impact this move has had on their work-related motivation and well-being remains unclear. You are invited to participate in a brief survey, to help us understand your perceptions about virtual care and how it impacts your sense of motivation and wellness as a FP in Alberta. Further information about this study and a link to the survey are provided below.

Expectations of particpants: One-time anonymous 10 minute online survey

Click here to start the survey.

This study has been approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board. Ethics ID: REB 21-1440