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What is Well Doc Alberta?

Physician wellness is an important responsibility shared by individual physicians, the medical profession, and healthcare systems. Well Doc Alberta is an initiative aimed at advancing a collaborative, co-operative, pan-provincial approach to physician wellness. Our work, focused on education and prevention, is supported by the science of physician wellness and driven by need. We work with physicians at the grassroots level and with leadership to grow capacity, empower change, shift culture, and achieve our vision of “Shaping the future of physician wellness, together.”


Our team supports participating collaborators, including physicians and professionals trained in other disciplines, to develop and deliver education resources, and works with our Stakeholder Panel to advance physician wellness across the province.

How Will Well Doc Alberta Achieve Its Goals?

Ultimately, our goal is to help physicians, physician groups, and healthcare system leaders to embed policies, practices, and programs in their healthcare systems to proactively enhance the wellness of physicians across Alberta. To read more about how we achieve this, please visit Our Goals page.

What Does Well Doc Alberta Offer?

We provide consultation around how to advance physician wellness, collaboratively develop and update evidence-based resources tailored to each audience, provide content delivery by trained experts, and utilize a train-the-trainer model to increase capacity for resource delivery. To learn more about our education session offerings, please visit our Session Offerings page.

​Our funding—provided through the combined support of the Canadian Medical Association, MD Financial Management, and Scotiabank—does not include monies for research projects, interventions, or event sponsorship (with the exception of our annual Symposium).

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