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Our Goals

Our Intended Impact

With a vision of “shaping the future of physician wellness, together” Well Doc Alberta aims to help physicians, physician groups, and healthcare system leaders embed policies, practices, and programs in their healthcare systems to proactively enhance the wellness of physicians across Alberta.

How We Will Get There

Well Doc Alberta uses a collaborative, co-operative approach in our work, and we acknowledge that we are just one of many organizations working to support and enhance physician wellness.


In 2023, we developed a Theory of Change model that depicts a causal chain of how specific activities and outputs we undertake within our organization will contribute to short- and mid-term outcomes, thus leading to long-term outcomes, and ultimately helping to collectively achieve the intended impact within the healthcare system. This Theory of Change model will be used as a tool to help us with:


Decision-making by helping us identify and focus on activities that have the greatest impact in helping us reach our collective goals,


Evaluation and continuous quality improvement by enabling analysis of relevant data that help us learn, adapt, and demonstrate success along the chain of intended outcomes and impacts,


Communicating to our funders, stakeholders, collaborators, user groups, and the public about our goals and our roadmap for how we plan to achieve them.

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