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The Well Doc Alberta Quality Improvement Physician Wellness Measurement process includes a short (15-20 min) survey followed by a post-measurement retreat (3.5-4.5 hours) with members and leadership. Using a combination of validated scales and selected questions tailored to each group, the survey is designed to assess the wellness of the group, rather than the individual, and to gauge burnout, identify drivers of poor physician wellness, and identify strategies to enhance wellness. The retreat that follows is an opportunity for members and leadership to come together to hear the survey results and engage in a guided discussion on how to harness the results to move forward and make positive changes. The whole process from initial planning with a group to the retreat can take 4-8 months. Using a continuous quality improvement model, the measurement process is designed to be repeated on an annual basis.




4 - 8 month process

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Coaching for Change: Empowers and supports change at the individual and system-level to enhance physician wellness and shift culture.

Quality Improvement Physician Wellness Measurement Process


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