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Physician wellness is a responsibility shared by individual physicians, healthcare systems, and the profession of medicine. This workshop aims to enhance literacy about how physicians’ work puts them at risk for being unwell and provides them with tools they can use to cope with the challenges of their work. In addition to introducing key concepts related to coping, resilience, and the science of physician wellness, participants are also invited to reflect on how they are impacted by workplace stressors and what coping strategies or resilience practices they have used in response. Various evidence-based strategies and tools are explored.


Physicians, Residents, Medical Students


1 - 2 hours

Session Category:

Promoting Self-Reflection: Guided introspective thought around physician wellness and how to effect change, considering both individual and system-level factors.

Coaching for Change:
Empowers and supports change at the individual and system-level to enhance physician wellness and shift culture.

Physician Wellness, Coping, and Resilience


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