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We wear multiple hats in our professional and personal lives, and trying to fulfill the multitude of expectations often leads to additional stress. While finding a fit between various work and personal roles is often assumed to be an individual responsibility, recent work in the field is emphasizing that system-level factors also need to be considered because workplace cultures, structures, and policies can either facilitate or make it more challenging to fulfill professional and personal roles. During this interactive workshop, participants will be invited to reflect on the interplays between their own professional and personal life roles, discuss the concepts of work-life balance and work-life integration, consider the work-life climate within their work environments, and identify strategies to improve work-life climate within their physician groups.


Physicians, Physician Leaders


1 - 2 hours

Session Category:

Promoting Self-Reflection: Guided introspective thought around physician wellness and how to effect change, considering both individual and system-level factors.

The Professional and The Personal: Making it Work


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