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Adverse events are common in medicine, yet every time they occur, they can have a substantial impact on the wellbeing of the clinicians involved. During this interactive workshop, participants are invited to self-reflect on the multitude of emotions they experience and their subsequent reactions around adverse events. This self-reflection forms the foundation for further exploration of why these emotions and reactions occur and how wellbeing is impacted, with specific consideration of how shame often plays a major role. While these experiences are often troubling, consideration is given to how feelings such as shame can become an opportunity to learn about ourselves, and the workshop concludes with reflection and discussion about various coping strategies that can be harnessed to move forward in a positive way following adverse events.




1 - 1.5 hours

Session Category:

Promoting Self-Reflection: Guided introspective thought around physician wellness and how to effect change, considering both individual and system-level factors.

The Emotional Impact of Adverse Events


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